What is Families Strong?

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Supporting family members of individuals with substance use disorders

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What is Families Strong?

Families Strong is a support group developed to support families impacted by substance use disorder. The program focuses on helping family members develop self-care, build social supports, and learn effective motivational strategies for interacting with a loved one who is struggling with a substance use disorder. Families Strong was adapted from an evidence-based, mental health professional-led model to be more accessible and sustainable by using a peer-led support group approach.

A group of individuals in a circle in a peer-led support group.

Why is It Important?

Families Strong provides support for family members of those struggling with substance use disorder. This support is provided through focused discussions and activities about: 

  • Self care 
  • Positive self talk 
  • Self empowerment 
  • Increased social support 
  • Alumni connections 

Families Strong also helps family members to have a clear understanding of substance use disorder and substance use treatment options by: 

  • Discussing substance use disorder as a chronic illness 
  • Discussing prior treatment attempts 
  • Discussing supporting your loved one in treatment 
  • Preparing for changes in the family 
  • Working with refusal to enter treatment

Main Goals

  • Minimize the negative effects of an individual’s substance use disorder on family members and friends. 
  • Provide support for family members and friends of individuals with substance use disorders. 
  • Change the methods the family member uses to communicate with the person with a substance use disorder. 
  • Assist the person with a substance use disorder in getting treatment.

How Does It Work?

9 week closed group, Meets weekly for 2 hours, Maximum of 12 members, Co-facilitated by 2 peer leaders, and Follows a weekly curriculum with assigned homework

For more information or if you have questions about Families Strong, contact us at: info@groupmosaic.com or click here to send us a message

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