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Mosaic Group staff provide a 9-hour training for leaders in the use of the manual and the process of leading a group.  Leaders also participate in (1) ongoing education and support with Mosaic Group through a Learning Collaborative while conducting their first group, and (2) a web based Learning Community while continuing to lead groups. 

Leader qualities and responsibilities are identified below.

Who are Families Strong Support Group Leaders?
  • Peer (family) or agency volunteers who are trained by Mosaic Group and supported through an ongoing Learning Network
  • Compassionate individuals with a continuing commitment to help others
  • Motivators and cheerleaders for group members

What do Families Strong Support Group Leaders do?
  • Empathize with group members
  • Maintain consistent boundaries
  • Actively listen to all group members
  • Deliver the Families Strong curriculum, using interactive, positive, techniques
  • Facilitate positive communication among all members of the group
  • Give group members a safe space to practice new skills
  • Help group members to build relationships
  • Talk less and listen more
  • Facilitate 9-week groups at least twice per year
  • Participate in ongoing education and support with Mosaic Group through the Learning Collaborative and Learning Community

Click on the link below and complete the information requested. You will be contacted by Mosaic Group staff to further discuss Families Strong and evaluate your qualifications to lead a group.

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