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“Families Strong has really helped provide me with a different way of dealing with my own emotions regarding my loved one.  The first week I was very nervous about bringing my baggage to the surface, but after Week 1 – it is my highlight of the week and honestly, I look forward to the meetings each week. This group has provided me the help and knowledge to talk to and understand the addict differently as well as my own feelings.”  

“Had this type of support been offered years ago when we were looking for help, I believe it would have made a significant difference in our situation.”

“I would highly recommend attending the Families Strong Group. [It] provided me with the support and tools to navigate my journey through my loved one’s substance use disorder.”

“A journey of stepping stones to living life to our fullest while learning to set healthy boundaries and love the person in our life struggling with addiction."

"One of the many things I absolutely love about this group is how it has evolved. I personally joined as a temporary measure to learn proper responses and coping skills as a parent of two kids in recovery, however I have gained so much more than I ever expected. You have become more than family to me. The group is open and inviting and honest, without the embarrassment or judgement associated with addiction.  We make such a great team of advocates; always backing one another up. We understand each other’s struggles, appreciate one another’s thoughts, and welcome differing perspectives and opinions. In times of difficulty, this group pulls together, and confidently confides in one another.  There is so much love, support, and trust.  The world can be judgmental, unwelcoming, and unaccepting to families like us.  Families Strong is a judgement-free zone!  I’m so very happy Families Strong brought us together."

"I think Families Strong helps the families dealing with addiction and/or alcohol, but it truly helps "heal" the family members that attend the group. Not every family's story is exactly the same, but groups like Families Strong have taught us to set guidelines, boundaries and, most of all, self-care. I appreciate each and everyone that is part of this team and am glad that it was more than just an 9-week class."

"I was searching for a group of people who, without judgement, could help me navigate the struggles of loving someone dealing with addiction. I had tried a few organizations, but left the meetings with a lack of connection. I found out about Families Strong and knew right away it was different. I was interviewed by phone to see if the support I needed was in line with the goals of the program. The focus was actually going to be on me for a change, not just my loved one! I doubted many people would relate to all of the emotions I've had for a few years as the Mom of a young adult impacted by substance abuse disorder. The stories of negative experiences that addiction can inflict on the entire family might be too difficult to discuss. Our facilitator was so welcoming and positive, that as early as the first meeting, people in our group shared the dark and low points of their journeys. Even though our meetings quickly became virtual, our group kept meeting, and kept talking, listening, offering ideas, and cheering each other on! Some weeks brought good news, and other weeks were rough, but we kept exploring ways to set boundaries, be supportive yet not enabling, and to remember that losing ourselves to our loved one's addiction was not necessary. I'd found a new type of family. A family of people who have been in the same circumstances where I once felt alone. I now feel better able to manage my journey with new skills. My daughter and I are stronger together!"

Last modified: Saturday, September 26, 2020, 2:12 PM